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About the agency

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the main federal law enforcement agency of the United States. The FBI operates under the authority of the Department of Justice.

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Requester suggestions, tips and guidance

  • As of March 1st, 2017, the FBI will no longer be accepting email FOIA requests and will only allow for requests to be sent via mail, an internet submission portal, or fax. Submitting though the online internet submission portal requires the FOIA submitter to include their personal information including addresses and phone numbers. [1]
  • In July of 2016, the FBI was sued for purposefully using outdated computers and technology to slow down responses to FOIA requests.[2]
  • In January 2017, the FBI changed its procedures regarding "complex requests." The policy changed from "complex" requests consisting of more than 2,500 pages, to now consisting of 50 or more pages.[3]
  • In February 2017, the FBI will migrate their email system to Microsoft Office 365, according to an Office of Professional Relations FOIA release of transition documents.[4]

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FBI Affidavits

These are affidavits from FBI officials in FOIA lawsuits.