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About the agency

The Department of Justice, also known as the Justice Department, is an executive department of the United States government that is responsible for law enforcement. The Department of Justice is in charge of numerous law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Records available

In the Department of Justice's 2015 annual FOIA report, the department states that it, "invokes the FOIA's two privacy exemptions, more than the rest of the other exemptions combined, to prevent unwarranted invasions of the personal privacy of individuals mentioned in law enforcement records. The Department of Justice also protects the identities of confidential informants who provide information to investigators as well as details about investigative techniques and procedures. In the general litigation context, the Department of Justice protects information covered by the civil discovery privileges."

Requester suggestions, tips and guidance

  • The DOJ recommends that FOIA requests be sent to the specific bureau/division/office that contains the records pertinent to the request. Find the email addresses and standard mail addresses for those offices here. If uncertain which specific office has the records for your request, the DOJ offers a general submissions address at this link (scroll down to “Where Should I Send My request?”)

Appeals suggestions, tips and guidance

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