National Archives and Records Administration

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About the agency

The National Archives and Records Administration is an independent agency charged with preserving and documenting government and historical records.

Records available

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an excellent place from which you can get historical documents, particularly declassified documents that were once classified. Although a repository for a wide spectrum of records, NARA records requested through the FOIA are still subject to FOIA's 9 exemptions.

Requester suggestions, tips and guidance

Visiting NARA in person if you are in the DC/MD area is an excellent way to work with historians, archivists, and experts in government records. Documents are pulled from NARA's archives at fixed intervals throughout the day and NARA's staff can help you make the most of your experience handling government documents, particularly of a historical nature.

If you are unable to visit NARA in person, FOIA requests may be sent through email, fax, or USPS. To see which component of NARA your request should be addressed to, click here.

Appeals suggestions, tips and guidance

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