Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

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About the agency

The CSB is an independent federal agency charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents.[1]

Records available

Per the CSB's FOIA Report for 2015, some requests will not be granted if:

  • The requested records were properly disposed of prior to the date of the request.
  • The request would require the agency to compile or create records solely for the purpose of satisfying that request.
  • The requester failed to comply with administrative requirements, e.g., reasonable description of records, agreement to pay fees.
  • Records submitted to the CSB by the subjects of agency investigations contain trade secrets and/or confidential commercial or financial information.
  • Records of communications between CSB personnel, or between CSB personnel and the personnel of other federal agencies, that are protected by a legal privilege, e.g., deliberative process privilege, attorney-client privilege.
  • Records containing private personal information about individuals, including Personally Identifiable Information.

Requester suggestions, tips and guidance

  • All FOIA Requests for the CSB must be submitted in writing. The address is included in the agency's FOIA guide.

Appeals suggestions, tips and guidance

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